Friday, May 22, 2009

things are pretty fucked up in my life currently... why:

work: i m working with a group of idiots and a few bitches. referring to today's earlier post on the job, they just bitched about me without knowing i m still in the office, or so i thought. right after they bitched, ms know it all suddenly said: "Big Cow! what time you going back??" omg.... can u imagine?? is this a new style of bitching that i do not know of and i need to master??? i keep on thinking... which is worst? working with my dad or working here.... i dont know... it's so depressing....

love: over

social: i seems to be at war with everyone around me at the moment. i know it's prolly pms. but i m so tulan with almost everyone that i wish to fucking just drive off and get myself killed somewhere...

i m feeling fucking depressed right now actually. i seriously hate myself at the moment. logically speaking, i know it's pms. i know, really, i do! but feeling wise, aarrgghhh!!! i just feel like killing myself to get away from everything and everyone. see how fucked up i am?

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