Thursday, May 7, 2009


just finished watching MDG.... and i m actually very sad that Ming got eliminated. Of all contestants, she is my favourite :( her poses all damn nice... and she is so... pretty... actually she look kinda ethereal and angelic with make up on la... not only her looks la... her character also ok what... altho ppl say that she is boring, i dont think so leh, ever heard of still water runs deep? sigh.... anyway, wish her all the best in her future undertakings la... (omg... i sound like i m signing some kinda high school autograph book liddat :P)

anyway, another news about MDG. :P. So last nite after work, i decided to go DoReMi to tapau dinner and then suddenly i turn around and saw this guy damn familiar ordering food. so i sat down and waited for the food whilst looking at that guy la.... he look damn fuckable... and suddenly i have this impulse of walking up to him like i did to John years back and tell him that he is fuckable... but i guess i m old alre and too chickened to do it... or maybe coz i dont have booze to boost my confidence la... so i didnt do anything but just look at him and salivate.... after awhile, i realized, omg... he is actually that guy in MDG! :O i think his name is Jerad... i believe it's him la... but then hor... in MDG he look short and stout and in real life he is like tall and skinny.... really la... camera adds 10kgs to you when filming :P so yea, i m lusting for him ;)

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