Wednesday, May 27, 2009

another flashback down memory lane....

my thoughts wanders a lot when i am driving. so what happened was, this morning whilst driving to work, my thoughts wandered quite far... i think it all started with the crow i saw. i started to think about hantus. then i also dunno how la... i ter-ingat of the notorious story during primary school days. i remembered i was in Primary 4 and my bro was in Primary 6. And there was this camping thingie happening in the school. Nope, i dont think my bro and i went for this camping thing. But something happened during that camping weekend that set the whole school abuzz for the rest of the school year. You see, my primary school and secondary school were the torture chambers during the Japanese Occupation, so naturally that whole area damn haunted one la... So anyway, what happened during that camping weekend was, there was a lot of eye witnesses. they saw this tall dark shadowy thingie at the staircase of my classroom block and a few students started to fall sick. when we told our mom about it, she told us it's "Yi Jian Fa Cai" you know, that black and white thingie.... yea, my ghostly knowledge is not that good. so you just go google it la... i malas to google it for you... so anyway, not long after the camping incident, one of the students died of a freak accident in the school. he got struck by lightning on a clear day. :P

so anyway, fast forward to almost 10 yrs later, i was back in Kluang for holiday and i met Ah Beng out for yumchar. that time he and i were fucking like rabbits in SG and we were back in Kluang pretending to be just good friends. it was stupid, but at that time it was pretty funny. so anyway, that night, after leaving everyone, we decided to go some secluded to place to fool around la... what to do... we were both living with parents and seriously, with our parents being friends and all, it's just not funny to hook up and the town is too small for us to hook up. so anyway, of all places, we decided to go to our primary school area. i know, stupid right? so he was driving slowly whilst i was giving him a handjob. :P i know, i know, fucking stupid, what with the stupid police station so damn nearby...... so anyway, we passed by the school canteen, which is very near the said staircase where 10yrs ago some teachers and students sighted something. and he slowed down damn alot and we somehow suddenly dont know why, were looking at the same spot (ie the queueing lane to buy tidbits) and we didnt say anything. i stopped watever i was doing and he also got deflated. and then he just drove off much faster. after leaving that area, we both asked each other: did you see what i just saw??? and we both also agreed we saw something and then he proceed in driving back to the area to confirm if our eyes were playing tricks on us or we really saw something. how to prove? we also dunno. of coz when we went back, the thing we saw is no longer there la.... so yea... what did we saw that nite? a black shadow with a form of like a human were either queueing up to get tidbits or just leaning on the queueing metal bar. but that thing was definitely there and we definitely both saw that thing la... :P

so what happened after that? welp, we were too excited about the prospect that we might have stumbled upon hantus (that was before my changi airport incident) that we were talking about it and laughing about it (yea, we werent freaked out at all - i guess). and no, we didnt continue with wat was the original plan. :P it was by then about 4am in the morning and we got our own family gatherings to go to the next day... i think it was during cny or xmas time when it happened. not quite sure alre... that was like 13 yrs ago la :) i feeel soooooooooooo damn old :P

so yea... this is another piece of my history :)

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