Saturday, April 4, 2009

Project 365 - Day 5

Finally finished watching this last nite :D Either i am too damn fucking happy, or this show lost the tear-ing effect on me alre :P And i think this version, a few scenes were cut off, maybe i m wrong la.... but... ah... fuck it la.. :P

So anyway, i think yesterday MF and i exchanged the most sms-es in a day :P anyway, instead of meeting tomorrow, we are meeting later tonite for dinner before his footie. yes, he is a huge Liverpool fan. Which incidentally, if i were to be a fan of footie, i will be Liverpool's fan - not because of him tho... it's because of the story i've heard.... long story. lazy to elaborate :P

So yea. I M FUCKING MEETING HIM TONITE!!! *SUPER DUPER EXCITED* :D am still thinking of where to go for dinner tho... dont want him to belanja anymore.....

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