Saturday, April 4, 2009

Malaysian Dreamgirl Season 2

Being a reality tv freak, it's only natural that i m currently rakusly watching Malaysian Dreamgirl Season 2. Usually, i will watch and get pissed off (read: Juanita the Conniving Bitch or Liana the Cunning) or laugh my ass off (read: Denezia the Bubbly, Ming the Cool One, Dawn the Cutie) by some of the contestants and not be bothered about it. (note: I have not vote for this season tho... coz last season, i voted like a mad cow for Ringo but in the end she also kena eliminated. So this season i also dont really bother to vote la). But! it's all gonna change! Why?? Coz hor... I FUCKING HATE JUANITA!

See ah... she is really really fake and conniving leh. Look at the way she talk, so damn fucking fake! Look at the way she stuttered during the confrontation! 1st, she said Ming was the one who was cucuk-ing Natasha, then when confronted, she started to act like she don't remember who was the one who cucuk-ed Natasha. Like WTF wei?? Wanna tell lies also lie properly la. Such a failed liar la you!

Natasha also another one. Why trust people so easily? You are pretty guillible leh, kena make use by Juanita to create war in the home. But i also must give you credits la, at least you confronted Ming in a civilized way, at least you bother to LISTEN to both side of the stories now. :D

Denezia, i fucking love you la... you are so damn funny and cute, but hor, i dont think you are meant to be a model. But i can see you being a great host on TV! :D you seriously make this season much more interesting with your cuteness and your blog entries :D

Ming, honestly speaking, i didnt think you are that pretty in the 1st place. but the more i look at you, your blog entries in the site and your personal blog, the more i think are attractive :) And i seriously am impressed with your passion and motivation to want to be a model. :D Keep up your good work! Btw, love your fashion sense :D

Note: both Ming and Denezia are from Malacca, but both of them punya personality is so different :D one is loud, quirky and crazy, the other is quiet, sedate and calm :D but i love them both :D

Now, Dawn. She is really really really cute. And seriously speaking, i can see her as the winner of this season. :) She has the height and the body and from the blog entries that she has written, it shows that she is pretty level headed. So yea, she will be the winner, based on all these qualities.

But then again, as we all learnt our lesson last season, this competition is more like see whose friends and family is willing to spend more money wins. Like last year's winner, Cindy Teh, sorry la, but i seriously dont think she deserves the win. Altho i dislike Hanis, i think she should have won, but if Ringo were still in the competition, Ringo should win la :D

As for Pinky and Shasya, i just think they are like 'ke leh feh' in the show la... pretty forgettable :D

So, let's see, the next 2 booted out will be Juanita and Shasya or maybe Pinky. Why? coz i will be voting like a mad cow again for Denezia, Dawn and Ming la! :D

Who will you vote? :D

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