Wednesday, April 22, 2009

i m seriously sick and tired of all these shit la. so u all know i got summoned by my dad to go back to kluang to help him, he wanted me to go back for 3 mths, i only got 1 week leave.

and you all know how much i dread going back. i dont wanna give up my life in the city for a small town. it's ridiculous.

i dont wanna go back becoz:

1. i have a set of crazy parents - they are like pepetually in menopause
2. kluang is too small for me
3. no freedom

so anyway, that said, lemme rant about what just happened less than 30mins ago. my dad called me as usual. telling me that there is no point for me to go back coz i will ruin his business anyway. saying that i shouldnt INSIST on helping him, he takes years to built up the business and he dont want me to cause it to close down. yes. he fucking said that. i kept quiet at first. i didnt wanna argue with him. then he continue nagging about how incompetent he think i am. yes. he thinks i m incompetent. which pisses me off big time. i asked him, why didnt he think properly before calling me and inconveniencing me in taking leave and talking to my boss??? and if he think i am so bad, why the hell did he call me in the 1st place to ask me to go back???? why must he create all these dramas in my life??? in the 1st place, i am NEVER interested in his business! why force me to go back and now before i go back, come and drama at me telling me he has no confident in me and that he thinks i am gonna ruin his business???

omg. how the fuck am i suppose to survive the fucking 9 days???

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