Monday, April 13, 2009

Big cow's....

... dream... more like nightmare...


what happened? welp, as said previously, my weekend were spent sleeping most of the time. and as usual, i had weird dreams. yea. my dreams are most of the times weird. :P

i dreamt that dunno what happened, small cow and i suddenly pat tor, wearing pinafore! omg. that is so damn highly impossible in so many ways! 1 thing, i am fucking older than her by 9 fucking years (yea, she is that young - and no, i am NOT that old, ok? :P). and i am straight. ok, no, i m bisexual, but that's besides the point. and she is my sister la for god's sake and that is so damn fucking wrong! lol! i dont wanna go into the details of the dream coz i dont quite remember it. just remember the fact that in the dream we were pat-toring. and when i woke up, i sms-ed her. :P and she was as grossed out as i was. and now, we are teasing each other by calling each other darling, dear, dearest, honey and all those craps which makes us wanna puke..... hahahahaha

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  1. mmm~ *hiao-ing* dear~~~