Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Big Cow says (12:56 PM):
big boss scolded finger for the past 30mins non stop abt the wrongly transfer money infront of all of us
Big Cow says (12:57 PM):
kept on scolding him stupid, never use brain
damn fucking awkward
Small Cow says (12:57 PM):
that... spoils a guys ego wan leh
Big Cow says (12:57 PM):
i know
but it's the truth
Big Cow says (12:58 PM):
boss ask: tell me honestly, u transfer 7 fucking times, to the wrong name, have it ever occur to you how come name different one?
Finger went: ....
Big Cow says (12:59 PM):
boss shout: dumb ah? cannot talk ah? you got mouth one, tell me now!!!!
Finger went: .....
boss shout: i am asking you a simple question, did u actually think why wrong name or not? yes or no?????
Finger went: .....
boss shout again: tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Finger: no
Small Cow says (1:00 PM):
he that day very pannai say, MAYBE JOINT ACCOUNT WAN MA!
Big Cow says (1:00 PM):
which makes boss even more fucking angry
the maybe joint acc is after i scolded him only he thought of the excuse
at the moment when he transfer, he never thought of it
Big Cow says (1:01 PM):
now the money is stuck in that person's account and the bank freeze the amount
so now everyone lose lose situation
Small Cow says (1:01 PM):
freeze that account?
Big Cow says (1:01 PM):
yea, bank can only freeze the account and dont let the fella take out the money.
Big Cow says (1:02 PM):
now bank want that person to go the bank and sign some forms to unfreeze and return the money to boss
Big Cow says (1:03 PM):
but that fella now fed up and play around saying see how and when he free la
but make it obvious he is not willing to sign at all
Big Cow says (1:04 PM):
he rather let the amt freeze in his acc
honestly speaking, there is no cure for stupidity
Small Cow says (1:05 PM):
amen... may lord be with them to guide them to survive...

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