Friday, March 20, 2009

weird dreams....

went Mydin with LB, Finger and FM last nite to get stuffs for our bbq party next week. by the time we shopped finish, i was already dying with hunger. i think even if they suggest McD, i will just whack (yes, i am a big anti McD). So anyway, we decided to go Simon's in USJ. It's like the past revisited. The last time i stepped into Simon's was like in 2006... so anyway, we ate and laughed and then LB told us to wait awhile, Big Boss will be joining us coz he forgotten to bring his house keys. So whilst waiting for him to arrive, FB and Mr. S (yea, he joined for makan) decided to tell us stories about haunted north south highway. Particularly the Pagoh stretch. Nia ma, hear alre, my bulu all stand up. Anyway, i asked them to stop coz i memang damn useless in ghost stories, or rather, my imagination is too good to hear all these stories......

.... hence, weird dreams. i dreamt that somehow i was in Big Boss' car with LB and him and we were in Singapore viewing one of the Executive Flats and after viewing, we were suddenly in a Malaysian public school. LB wanted to use toilet and me being a selective toilet goer decided to skip this toilet, since malaysian school toilet = ultra disgusting. Welp, i guess i made the wrong choice. Big Boss vanished from the driver's seat, and i was suddenly at the driver's seat and i was suddenly driving his car, and it was suddenly late at nite and when i look at the rear view mirror, i saw the same ghost that always haunt me in all my ghostly nitemares (all white, long black hair, bloodshot eyes that doesnt have any pupils, head detached from the body at the neck area with blood still dripping onto the white baju and a comb that goes up and down the hair, combing it - yea, this is the ghost that ALWAYS haunt me in my dream, the same thing that i saw way back in Singapore), i panicked when i saw it, and i swerved to the right into an on going cyclist wearing some WW2 Japanese army uniform... and i woke up.

yea... all these thanks to FM and Mr. S. grrr..... =.="

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