Saturday, March 14, 2009

so the company is planning a bbq party in 2 weeks time. and everyone is getting excited :D i think it will be fun la... especially when we are inviting our close customers.... why am i so happy that our customers are coming? coz my boss really know how to find business, most of our customers are booze distributors. i heard a few of them are making cocktails that nite... omg... must be fucking yummy.... lychee martinis (that's what they drank last year)... yumz!! i wonder what kinda fruity cocktails are there this year :D

i m actually torn... the thing is TUB's last day today. i know out of courtesy, i m suppose to wish her all the best, but i seriously dont like her, so by doing that, it will be pretty hypocritical of me. but if i dont do that, ppl think i m small gas.... sigh....

today's plan... going to play pool then watch midnite show with ppl :D

tomorrow's plan, going out with MF :D

yea, i m still swooning over him :X

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