Saturday, March 14, 2009

Big cow almost killed a small boy....

Here's what happened last nite:

Omg! I almost killed a small boy just now! What happened? Welp, it all started with minger and i decided to have dinner together at the nearby tai chow. On the way there, small cow called to say that she is able to join us after all but dunno how to go there. So i drove back to wait for her to pick us up. On the way back, near the entrance of my apt, a small boy suddenly dashed out from the left side! I honked all the way and press brake all the way and in the split second i thought he is gonna die coz i know if he didn't cycle away (yea, he was dashing out on a borrowed bicycle into the main road) from my car, he will get hit coz i thought my car couldn't stop in time and there is no way can i turn away as on my left is a big truck and on my right is a u turn divider with cars queue-ing up at the opposite direction to make a u-turn but thank almighty God, my car stopped with stalled engine just less than an inch away from the bicycle back tyre! The small boy, no surprises, rode off without even a word of sorry and i was just Fucking stunned and relieved i did not bang him and nothing major happened. But that silly boy rode into our apt area going towards the direction i was going to and minger recovered her shock in time to convert to anger (i was still stunned) and she kept on muttering, must scold, he must be scolded to let him see his mistake.So after parking the car, minger stormed out of the car towards the boy's hiding place and scolded him. He looked so shocked and scared.And, me, being the usual awkward silly cow, who do not know how to react correctly on any situation, started to giggled (*shame faced*yea, i did that) whilst she scolded him loudly until the mother of the owner of the bicycle came out of the apt to ask what happened. So we explained. And the lady told us the boy stays at the low cost flat next to our apt. I was just Fucking relieved he is alive and i don't have to go to jail :-p so anyway, while we were waiting for small cow to arrive, the small boy sat at one corner looking lost and scared (i guess realization finally dawned upon him that he escaped from death a moment ago). Then another small boy (who looks a lot like little salim of slumdog millionaire) appeared and introduced himself as the owner of the bicycle and asked us what happened. We told him and advised him to tell his friend to be more careful next time. And then he said "sorry ah, auntie" and smiled and rode his bicycle around while that dare devil friend continued to sit at the corner probably pondering about the meaning of life. Then minger said "luckily he is a small boy, if he is older and call us auntie, i will get offended"lol! Anyway, i am still stunned. And i thank god i chose to be positive today and chose to think today will be a great day and friday the 13th should be great! Y? Coz if i decided to be superstitious and think friday the 13th is cursed, i will be indirectly cursing myself by feeling down the whole day resulting to me succumbing to the belief! It's all self fulfilling prophesy, u see :-) so yes, we have a choice in life to be happy or to be sad, to be positive or to be negative and i am thankful choose to be positive today! :-) but i still can't believe i almost killed someone la :-o minger was damn funny also. When i pressed brake, i can see from her reaction that sheis also pressing the imaginary brake at her side! (yea, think those learner's car! ;-)) shit. I need to sleep liao. To be cont ;-)


  1. i think u shud draw a map... from reading. i dont fucking understand. is it me being too stupid or... memang too confusing...

  2. ok. yes. althought u have already told me during dinner... but yeah. from reading. am blur... i know im gonna flood ur comment box...

  3. haihya... sorry... wrong spelling... repost ha...

    ***ok. yes. although** u have already told me during dinner... but yeah. from reading. am STILL blur... i know im gonna flood ur comment box...

  4. ahh~ perfecto!

    ok. dont kill me when u see this ok? i know u love me. i love u too master.

  5. ok la. i have to admit, am just bored in office. my whole team and im fucking alone here ok. and i dont feel like blogging. i feel like typing in ur comment box, can ah?

  6. well... its not like u can answer me rite? hahahaha! so i shall answer on your behalf. "yes you can small cow" hahahahhahaha!

    gosh im going crazy.

    ok ok... i stop before u really knock my head. mwah!

  7. # 7th comment!