Wednesday, March 18, 2009

small cow....

...we were talking about the great chemistry scorpios and sagittarius shares. like me and MF. me and small cow. but it's just that. chemistry. we wont go further than that.... erm.. waitaminit... i am not suppose to touch on this yet....

lemme start..again. ok, so scorpios and sagittarius shares great chemistry with each other. no matter how many years difference we are. what happened was, on the way up from Seremban on Monday, we were listening to Small Cow's MP3 collections. most of the songs are new and nice and i dont know the title. so we skipped a few songs... then suddenly i stopped skipping and i told her... hmmmm... this song sounds familiar leh... so we listen... suddenly......

we both burst into laughter and she sheepishly told me: I love old songs one!! and i told her me too.... :D i grew up listening to oldies all thanks to my dad. he told me my era's songs all no meaning. his era all full of meanings. i think it's just bullshit, he just wanted to hog the radio :X

so anyway, we sang along with the song and then skip skip skip... and suddenly... another oldie came up:

ok, it wasnt this version. but i dont care, it's my era's punya version and i used to have the hots for Jason Donovan :x. somemore i prefer this version better :D

anyway, small cow asked me (which i also dunno the answer) this is a sad song, how come he sound so happy? :P

ok la... liao la.. :D back to work :D

P/S: i love him! :D

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