Tuesday, March 24, 2009

our current motto...

...of the season is: There is no cure for stupidity.

on a side note, i think stupid people should all fuck off and die somewhere.

you wouldnt believe how stupid can one be. and you wouldnt believe how suddenly stupids are mushrooming around us.

there is this dum dum who is living in her own world who gives us the impression that the world owe her a huge favour and never think twice about inconviencing others. harlow, we dont owe u anything ok? go do your own things and dont come kacau-ing us

then there is this dummy who despite several emails sent to her asking her if she can accept the goods or not, sent us emails asking us inane questions and not answering our question.

then there is..err.. i dont even have name for this bimbo. who does things without using her head at all and always fucked up at the most critical moments.

and you, my dear reader, if u terasa i am talking about u, then as small cow says, Siapa makan cili, dia la rasa pedas

tata :D

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