Wednesday, March 18, 2009

i m learning valuable lesson from small cow the sagittarius here. i've learned that sagittarius value their freedom more than anything in this world, hence, when they feel like they have been pressured to make a decision, they snapped and avoid you. but human sometimes is like that... the more someone is avoiding you, the more you want to please that person ending up he/she is even more annoyed with you.

how valuable is this lesson to me? very. MF is a sagittarius. hence, i am giving him all the space there is. but then again, i am always giving space in my past relationships, havent i? but the thing is, i m seriously rakus about MF now and if possible, i wish to see him everyday :) but i know that's like superglue. and i m not one. it's just that i m rakus now. knowing me, i maybe rakus about him now... but few months or few weeks down the road, it will cool down and i only wish to see him maybe once a week or once a month :P

so yea, i m giving him space. maybe you should give her space too. what is wrong with being in a platonic friendship? by you sms-ing and calling her so often, it makes her feel like you are pressuring her. give her space.

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