Wednesday, February 18, 2009

big cow...

... is pissed again... this time i got cotchy... what happened?

you see, we appoint this customs clearance agency in JB to do all our customs related stuffs and there is this old uncle who has been working there all his life that has really really really bad attitude problem. he hates Finger and he is forever pointing fingers at Finger and forever blaming Finger for stuffs that Finger dont even know what's going on. bear in mind we are his customer. anyway, what happened was, one of my customer requested for a duty drawback (meaning bring in goods to malaysia, pay duty liao, wanna claim back from customs the duty) and Finger has never done it before in his 7yrs of working here. so anyway, i asked this agent how to do about a few weeks back and he told me how - not before he say : Go ask Finger la! Finger damn smart one wat?? *slam down the phone* and then i have to call him back to fucking pujuk him to get him to teach me. fast forward to today. i've passed all the documents to him via our driver. and he called shouting at Mr S "get whoever who is doing drawback to call me back!!" and slam down the phone. i called him. and here's the conversation:

agent: you document, why you give me?
me: ha? do drawback la
agent: not complete still got cheek to give me?
me: what is not complete?
agent: on what circumstances is your customer trying to get drawback?
me: they got exemption
agent: where? i dont see?
me: you keep a copy what? why cant u retrieve from your file??
agent: you think so so free? what about the admin cost? where is the agreement?
me: how much is it?
agent: go ask Finger la! he very smart one what
me *lost cool liao*: why keep on asking me to ask him??? he never done drawback before how he know?? i will forward you the docs now!!!!!! *slam the phone*

then i sent him the email below copy-ing his boss, my boss, my lady boss and Finger:


Attached is the exemption letters as requested for YZX Malaysia. We accept the admin cost of RMxx for this duty drawback exercise.

Please note that Finger does not have all answers to the clearance / duty drawback. Hence, will need your professional assistance on the clearance / duty drawback advise as and when required. Also, would appreciate if you could show more cooperation and not get shouted or scolded at when we call you for assistance. Thank you.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you need further assistance.

Best regards,
Big Cow
fed up!

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