Wednesday, February 18, 2009

big cow..

... is aching all over... :P

went to Matahari Clubhouse last nite in Kota Kemuning attempting to drain the whole swimming pool, but apparently, i think too highly of myself :P anyway, no, i dont know how to swim at all, i have the phobia of drowning, of uncertainty, of losing control. :P so last nite, i was taught to just relax and float, but i did for a nano second and i panicked... and i went flailing like a stupid cow... the water is only about 3-4 ft deep =.=" anyway, going tomorrow again to learn more. i want to learn how to swim. this will be my mission for this year :D was telling Finger just now and he told me after i've mastered swimming, i have to go learn diving. siao. float also still takut, now you telling me about diving??

... lost my train of thoughts again. gonna stop for now... gotta work :D

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