Friday, January 16, 2009

weird dream...

.... i think i m missing ifer a lot these days. had a weird ass dream last nite. we met up, and her whole body was full of colorful tattoos that somehow dances in front of me (like i was high on shrooms). and as usual, she was being nasty and bitchy... and then dunno what happened, i was leaving somewhere... either dying or migrating to Timbuktoo or something la... and i ended up giving all my DVDs collections and CDs collections to her... we cried and hugged and then we separated. of coz in real life such thing will never happen la... she thinks i m a mushy emo wuss and i think she is uniquely weirdass junkie.

i shall not dwell on her further. anyway, meeting ah mui and daffle this sunday in melaka! w00t! damn excited! :D so long no no see them alre :D