Saturday, January 17, 2009

lesson learned on 16/1/09

i never liked horror movies. why? coz i m a fucking coward with very very good and wild imagination... :P

went to watch They Wait with a few colleagues last nite. it was an impromptu thingie...and since i m working with a group of people who only watches horror films (read: weirdos), i just tag along la... see see.... omg omg omg... cannot take it la.... you see, i get terkejut easily, and i dont scream when i get terkejut, i swear... so what happened last nite was, i was swearing: niama! niaseng! fuck! the whole time (yes, if you were watching They Wait last nite @ Pyramid - 9.20pm show, and heard a female's voice spewing vulgarity, that's me :P). anyway, the plot was pretty stupid la... dont even wanna talk about it anymore. so anyway, when i went home, i couldnt sleep, when i wash my face (eyes shut), i kept on imagining when i open my eyes, i will see some freaky image on the mirror, and when i open my room door to go toilet, i kept on imagining that some long hair, white baju-ed, glowing evily green, with no eye pupils waiting for me outside my room door... damn freaky wei!

anyway, on a lighter note, got this from my cousin (damn funny :p)


  1. hahahaha i NEVER watch horror movies too but my friends dragged me to watch 'they wait' yesterday and we were late and to my surprise, the cinema was DAMN EMPTY and there was only one man sitting inside ALONE. Just like you, i started thinking ghosts r watching the movie, stuffs like that, and i didnt dare to go the toilet or even blink my eye inside. Also, i screamed fuck or AHHHH so loud too!!! you have good imagination btw haha =p

    Although i have to agree with you that the plot is kinda short or it's lacking of something, the man is kinda hot =D

  2. omg... where did u watch it?

    at 1st i thought, ok la, asian story line in western country setting, SHOULD be interesting la (think: Amy Tan's Joy Luck Club) but... NO... that show damn illogical la :D