Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Depressed *MooF*

i noticed. me and big cow are 2 depressed fuck.

ystd she meets me up in parade. and we had dinner together.

at first she was telling me how depressed she is and what causes it. the funny part is, she said 'i very sad oh. but i dunno what i sad about' -_-"

after she told me that, then i started telling her my problems as well.

and she went, 'oy, today i depressed leh, how come u depressed pulak'


i guess when i heard people saying about bad energy leads to another person having bad energy as well is true.


  1. :O okie okie, like that we dont depress anymore, ok? btw, small cow, i was thinking about that online business thingie when i was driving home last nite.... and i think hor, workable one :P

  2. as per discussed in msn... i've done all of the above.

    please prepare a new proposal. deadline is 2/2/09

  3. wtf? proposal my ass! wanna see my ass for proposal or not? :P

  4. can oso... make sure got words on ur ass for me to read the proposal leh... den wash it. eh. good for nature oso. no nit use paper. save the trees...