Saturday, January 10, 2009


... is me sometimes. :P

so, i was stalking a few blogs, and i came across Ringo's post and Audrey's post about copy cat bloggers and i started to look for those copy cats. one of them cannot be accessed coz she has changed her blog to invited readers only and the other blog, welp, i had some fun in it, posting comments (mind you, NOT crazy comments like : wei! go eat shit and die! OR fuckyouandyourgrandmother'sasshole!! kinda comments ;)), but i guess she will delete those comments after she reads it. :P

oh well, back to work... :P more quotations to do.... so so so so sick of this!!

meeting my primary schoolmate later for dinner. more laughters to come! :D


  1. Hmm. copycats? Whats so nice to copy..

  2. erm... i dunno? you will have to ask those copy cats :D but pls tell me once u get an answer from them ;) i wanna kay poh too :D