Friday, December 19, 2008

i am...

...really looking forward to meeting up with Art, Mike & Ju this Saturday. It's been about 10 years since i last saw Ju, heard that she is doing great :D

Art, Ju, Carol and i used to hang out together almost every weekend when we were in Singapore and it was damn fun :D took loads of blur pictures (that time stupid me dont know how to operate my own camera - damn suaku, no?), i remember we are always coming up with 'event' to create. One week it's cook for the guys week, then the next, everyone dress up to the nine day and walk around orchard road, then there's another time, we all head down to clarke quay to see how many jugs of long island tea can an individual consume (happy hour - damn dirt cheap), i think we went to Boom Boom Room once too, and had a lot of tequila shots (they were selling at SGD5/shot - then)..... so yea, those were the good old days.

I know, i m not as happening as some people who goes disco 3 times a week, but at the end of the day, i was happy with my group of friends and i guess that is what matters most :D

i admit i m not one who can make friends easily. i hate humans most of the times, and when i do get close to them, i will guard them fiercely and will not let anyone hurt them, and that takes a lot of strenght and effort - hence i've only got a handful of really close friends. Also, i'm an observant person. I like to stay out of the circle and observe everyone and everything, and what i've concluded is, most of the times what someone think about what others think of themselves are usually very wrong. for example, you may think that you have loads of good friends everywhere and you may think that you are a great person and everyone loves you, but most of the times what i see is, most people hates you and those good friends that you think you have doesnt even think you are a good friend at all. hence, with such observation, i've derived that i am a sucky person and that i dont trust anyone 100% at all no matter how much they tell me that i am their good friend. how do i know they are 100% sincere? i've seen people pretending to be 100% sincere to others and yet still being a bitch behind their back to them.

i know it's a pretty fucked up thinking. but i dunno leh, i just dont trust people anymore leh...

so anyway, i m having some ragu ragu about meeting up with them also this Saturday. I mean, seriously, it's been ages since we last met, why ask me to come? i m afterall a very irritating person.... :(

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