Tuesday, December 30, 2008

big cow is...

... a silly cow. yep, i am confirming your suspicions on me ;) i m silly. i m always silly, that's why i m Silly Big Socially Retarded Cow.... erm... seems like my name is getting longer the more i blog :P

so anyway.... what i've done this time:

Big Cow: what time you going home tonite?
Minger: *sounding suspicious* why?
Big Cow: erm... heheheheh... erm... dont laff ah, eventho it's silly you cannot laff ah...
Minger: oooookaaaayyyyy *extremely uncertain - knowing full well Big Cow is gonna be silly again*
Big Cow: i need to borrow...erm.. let's see... erm.... *burst into giggle* 3 tablespoons of soy sauce
Minger: WHAT??!!
*both giggling at Big Cow's silliness*

yea, seriously, wanna borrow soy sauce coz planning to cook again and no point getting a whole bottle when i know it will definitely go on waste (wasted a few bottles before coz usually only use a bit then stop cooking for months/years)

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