Saturday, October 27, 2012

RIP Ian (6th March 1982 - 19th October 2012)

My cousin, Ian Lim, left us suddenly on 19th October 2012. His brother, Shannon, arranged a live webcam session for us who can't attend the funeral in Texas.

I have always remembered Ian as an Iron Man or some sort. Coz I remember there were once we were younger, his family went to Kluang during school holidays (before they all migrated to USA), he fell down and instead of crying, he was laughing. And Ron, another cousin who is same age as him, told me that Ian is very strong. He do not feel hurt. I was like *wow*

The last time i met him was in 2003, at his brother's (Shannon) wedding. I remember we all met up for lunch the next day after the wedding and i was thinking - "wah.... this Ian has grown up to be damn hubba la!" and "wah... what a good appetite he has"

Anyways, Rest in Peace, Ian. I am very sure your kong kong will take good care of you up in heaven.

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