Thursday, January 26, 2012

Gong Xi Fa Cai, everyone!

Here's the recap:

Friday, 20th January 2012

Left office 30mins earlier coz Mama wants to leave early. Jammed all the way home to have a quick shower before jamming all the way to SS2 to fetch Ah Mui to Kechara Soup Kitchen. We did Jln Tun Perak that night. It was pretty interesting except for the fact that some rich ppl blatantly came over to us to ask for food as well =.=" Finished the round around 1something. By then I've lost 85% of my voice :P Slept at around 5am coz got chores to do :P

Saturday, 21st January 2012

Woke up around 11ish. Packed and bathe before sending Murphy for check-up. Noticed that my luck has indeed turn for the better. Was almost conned outta almost RM600 for aircon compressor something something, but somehow, the foreman has a change of heart and told me the car do not have any major problem - just the belt is a bit loose and instead, gave me discounts, and went further by checking Murphy more thoroughly. Even pumped air to my spare tyre (which i've never bothered to pumped before :p). Total bill came up to less than RM200. :D

After Murphy's check-up, had a quick meal before heading over to Kinrara to pay respect to Kaima and gang. Baby Mika is soooooooooooooooo adorable!! :D Hang out there for a few hours before leaving at around 6pm.

Arrived Kluang at 9.30pm after stopping at many stops to pee and reply emails (my god brother and i were writing long ass emails to each other discussing Buddhism, Kechara Soup Kitchen and Christianity :p). Only popo, kaiyeh and Man Q kong were at popo's house. Went out immediately after putting down my bags to my parents' house to see mom and dad and twisted my dad's arms to teman me makan :P Had a round of pork balls noodles at Kampung Paya (not Sin Hon Kee coz it wasnt opened :-( )

After eating, sent my dad back before going back to popo's place (why am i not staying at my own parent's house? - coz i wanted to be at where the fun is! :p). Took a shower, had a one way conversation with popo, kaiyeh and man q kong (they were playing mahjong and couldnt be bothered to layan me :p) before i call it a night.

Sunday, 22nd January 2012

Woke up around 9ish. Was suppose to bring popo out for breakfast, but Joanne and family were about to arrive. Went back to my parents' house to collect uncooked food for popo. Drove back to popo's place, Joanne hasnt arrive yet. So popo cooked her signature Mee Hailam for me for breakfast :D I miss popo's mee hailam! I remember eating them all the time when i was much younger - when popo was operating the canteen at the Kem Mahkota's swimming pool :D Halfway thru cooking, Joanne arrived. Talked and laughed a bit, Minger and kuku lailai pulak arrived! :D

Popo in action! :D

Plain mee hailam - just the way i like it :P (i am weird)

Bonded and laughed and talked a bit then lunch is served. Since both Minger and I werent hungry, we volunteered to go shop for drinks (popo didnt prepare drinks for guests!) and ice. Brought Joanne's kids along with us. We finished running the errands in less than an hour, dropped the drinks, ice and kids back home before we head out again to look for clinic (i was coughing until my lungs almost jumped out and nose bleeding) and pump petrol.

Went back to eat and bathe and Terence, Marie, Liz and Aunty Theresa arrived! :D So much to catch up!! Uncle Paul arrived not long later :D

This year's reunion is the busiest and funnest ever! :D Taiku and Unc Hock arrived around 6pm follow by Ah Gene kor kor's family :D We had a quick lou sang at around 6.45pm before i rushed out to fetch my mom to attend my maternal grandma's side's reunion. yes, i attend 2 reunion dinners yearly.

Reunion dinner food - which i didnt get the chance to eat :(

Huat ah!! :D
Arrived back at popo's place around 9.30pm. For the 1st time in dunno how many years, so many of us went back for CNY together, popo's house was overcrowded with so many of us, there wasnt enough place to sleep or sit :P Liz and I volunteered to sleep in Taiku's house in Taman Delima instead :D Left popo's house at around 10.30pm to  taiku's house.

Ah Gene kor kor, Rona, Liz, Arnold, Cheryl and I went out around 11.30pm to hunt for supper and to look at fireworks :D Went back around 12something, bathed and slept around 2am.

Monday, 23rd January 2012

Woke up at 8am, as ordered by Taiku. Left the house around 9am, drove to 10 Jalan Hang Tuah, Sunrise Park to revisit our childhood home. We looked like stalkers stopping right in front of the house and the new owner were outside looking at us wearily :P the house changed so much! i have so much memories in that house :)

When we reached popo's house, breakfast of mee hailam was being served *woot*. had 4 servings of it! it was really really really good! :D after breakfast, we chatted more. i simply love my family and the bondings :D Every single nooks and corners of the house, you will see a group talking and laughing.

We suddenly realised we have not gamble yet! the blasphemy! :D So we quickly got our banker, Ah Gene kor kor, to take out his money :P Ah... the disadvantage of being the eldest karcheng ;-) we gambled till Karen and family arrived. the banker lost about $100 :p i lost about $16 (i think) and the rest won :D

Head over to Yean Kee for beef noodles before going back to popo's house to bond. Ah Gene kor kor and Joanne left not long later.

Kaiyeh came back from fishing trip with a box full of fishes! :D

Went to the nearby malay restaurant for tea before Terence they all balik :(

Had freshly caught grouper for dinner. Damn shiokalingam!! :D

 Love love love love love love the fish and chai poh!! :D

After dinner, we decided to play gin rummy. lost $14 :P

 Mahjong tiles from Belinda.

Went back to taiku's house to rest.

Tuesday, 24th January 2012

Woke up at 7am. The whole town is still asleep. Looks damn peaceful :)

Taken whilst waiting for train to pass :)

Went to Bharatha Bhavan for breakfast before heading over to popo's place. Everyone was already awake.

We then decided to go visit Kong Kong's grave. Said some prayers and just talk to kong kong :D i miss him

AKA - The original Farter :P The tombstone was newly done up, kong kong's tomb is the only apple green (his fave color!) in the whole cemetery of blues! :D

Went to Tiam Q Kong's house on the way back. Then more relatives came. By then, my battery almost flat already - before lunch! took a short nap before awaken to have lunch.

After lunch, we were just hanging and chatting then waves and waves of relatives keep on coming. Halfway entertaining them, i couldnt take it and went to the room to sleep :P awaken with a few "ang paus" next to my bag. not bad wor, no need to entertain also dapat ang pau :P

More relatives came, dinner was pushed to later. we had lobster, courtesy of Ah Gene Kor Kor! :D After dinner, i was suppose to wash up and drive back to kl, but somehow, i was still super tired. so i decided to drive back in the morning straight to work. slept at 9pm. super early!

Wednesday, 25th January 2012

Woke up super early at 4.30am. Wash up and then left Kluang at 5.30am. Stopped almost every stops in Johor state coz i was still super sleepy and my eyes couldnt open :(

Arrived office at 9.10am - too early! Was so hungry i called McD delivery :D

after work, Fel and I went to Kepong for steamboat before calling a night.


  1. I see your food picture already pau.... hahahaha ......

    Looks like an awesome CNY there! :)

  2. lol!! but i *think* i didnt eat as much as i usually did coz was feeling under the weather :D

    i've come to appreciate CNY and my family more ever since my kong kong passed away and ever since i've volunteered at the soup kitchen :D