Wednesday, November 9, 2011

i am updating for the sake of updating.

so it's gonna be an inane post. coz i dont even know what to write :P

I wanna get a new car.... Myvi Elegance to be more precise :P but i am putting this on hold. why? coz i havent have my dad's blessing. no, i am not taking $ from him. the thing about him is, if i make monetary decisions without his blessings or approval, i will get nagged by him for YEARS to come. yes, he is ultra super naggy. at this point of time, i've attempted to convince him why i need to buy a new car and it's not a pleasant thing. he went on and on and on why i shouldnt get and all his reasonings were very illogical, which i am not able to accept. he reason with me in the terms of investment. which i honestly dont give a flying fuck about. coz i wanna get a car for my own comfort.

and then he tried to convince me to get a 2nd car instead, which i dont agree at all. i honestly dont believe in buying a 2nd hand car coz i do not know much about cars. what if the car met a major accident before? the previous owner or salesman will not disclose this to me, no? then my dad say i should get a reliable and honest salesman. it's as if like he is asking me to hunt for a leprechaun. harlow?? where got such salesman exist one?? :P (yes, i am super cynical) then he say if i did get a bad car, then it's just my luck. you see, i am a murphy's bitch. anything that can go wrong in my life will definitely go wrong. really one. that was the reason why i named my car murphy :P so, why would i wanna take the chance? :P

so i enlisted my brother to talk to my dad. he hasnt agree or refuse my request yet :P and then i enlisted my kaiyeh to talk to my dad as well :P my dad need more convincing :D

So ya, i will not buy a new car until i get my dad's blessing. his nagging has gotten really bad lately. so bad until my bro met with an minor accident whilst driving :P

my annual depression is coming soon. in fact, i am already feeling that. :(

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