Tuesday, July 12, 2011

i know i am wrong, i will say i am wrong

ok... i take back my words. Bersih is possible afterall! And ironically, it's all thanks to the govt. Have they not act the way they act, not many people will be aware of the dire situation we are in. :D and i am so super wrong *shamed face* for doubting our Rakyat for not being able to behave civilizely. Seeing and reading all those stories makes me so damn proud to be a Malaysian. They are so civilized and united! I am so so so so so ashamed of myself. i should go slap myself silly a few times!! If there is another bersih rally in 4-5 yrs time, i will definitely go! :D will bring lots of salt and 2 cartons of water to sell! *kidding*

Reading all those #Bersihstories gives me hopes. :D Small Cow and i actually teared when we saw the vid of Bersih Rally in Melbourne. When they sang Negaraku, we felt touched. :D

The most note worthy participant will be Aunty Anne. Reading about her, seeing her pictures and watching the video really put me in my place and made me realized how ashamed i should be for being a nay sayer. aku dah insaf.

Found out Abang went for the rally and got teargas-ed and sprayed with chemical laced water. Am proud of him :D wished i am as brave...

Am mightily super annoyed with some people in my FB at the moment. Anti-Bersih people just coz they wanna be unique. I mean if you anti Bersih with a very valid reason and argument, i would understand and will not be bothered. But your anti-ness is so damn fucking illogical that i really suspect:

1. Your parents dropped you when you were a child, hence the brain damage
2. You have been brainwashed so badly to the point of no return. As bad as those suicide bombers.
3. You are lack of attention. You need and crave for attention and the only way, to you, to get attention is to be different.

There are countless of videos and articles on how screw up our govt handle the Bersih movement. And what do you say about it? You say serve Bersih people right.

There are countless of articles out there pointing out the demand of Bersih (non political), you choose to see it as political coz the opposition parties take the opportunity to join and politicize the rally. You choose not to see in a bigger picture that most of the people who join the rally are not into politics. They merely wanted a change. What is wrong with it?

You gimme the impression that you are so set to seeing all negative points of Bersih rally, you dont even wanna give it a benefit of a doubt. Hence, whatever articles of Bersih that proves you wrong, you will ignore it. Whatever vids of Bersih, you will look for the negative part and voice it out. How narrow minded can you be? Or is it because your brain capacity is too small to see the bigger view?

They boo at the TV3 reporter, you actually do care to know, is because TV3 is well known to be reporting untrue stories and always make the govt look good when it's not the real story. But then again, if you have been brainwashed, you will claim that what TV3 reports are true... so ya....

Ok la, i dont wanna attack your stupidity anymore. Lemme ask you these questions, hope you can answer:

1. You claimed to hate Bersih, but will vote for DAP. What is the point of voting for DAP when your vote will prolly not be counted coz the election is rigged? Why would you wanna waste time go voting then?

2. You asked people who criticize the country to leave the country and migrate elsewhere. 300k people were at the rally and few hundreds thousands more online who didnt go to the rally supports Bersih. You want ALL of us leave the country? what nonsense is that? Do you actually know how stupid and illogical it is?

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