Monday, May 23, 2011

The pot luck lunch was full of laughter. Mainly coz Finger under estimate how much rice to cook. He only brought 3 SMALL cups of rice. to feed 11 of us. yes, ELEVEN!!

It was so successful that now we are planning to do it again next Monday :D Here's what was served today :D

Ms Know it All - ABC Soup
Ade - Kung Pow kampung chicken
Ms Gan - Petai Har Mai
Me - Chao Tah* Braised tung ku & chai poh eggs
Ms PA - Roast Duck**
Finger - Rice
5cm - 2 loaves of bread + canned sambal ikan bilis
Lady Boss - Tau fu fah & Tau cheong sui

*Chao tah coz yesterday as i was braising the tung ku under small fire, my bro decided to ding dong ding dong me (msn) and we chatted. about 1phone4 and bb and all that... then suddenly i smelt something chao tah and i rushed to salvage it.... but too bad la... quite chao tah and i felt that it's a waste to throw it away coz tung ku not cheap wor... so i tried to do magic half heartedly and already plan to bring chai poh eggs as well :D

**Ms Know It All, as usual, being the busybody last minute today invited Ms PA and asst to join us. But of coz she say it's Lady Boss who invited la. Then Ms PA bought whole duck. Coz Ms Know it All told her to. Without checking the fact that most of us dont eat duck. So we were lamenting la, not enough food and then Ms PA say Ms Know It all specifically asked for roast duck. niama..... dah la so damn fucking busybody asking others to join, then stupidly make up her own mind to ask for roast duck just coz she eats them. Any normal ppl will ask for Roast Chicken lor..... since chicken is more acceptable by everyone mah....

so ya... i was annoyed with Ms Know it All. Her soup was mah mah tei only. And Ms PA wanted to be nice, told her that it's superb and Ms Know it All showed her "Of coz it's superb coz i am fantastic and you all should all bow down to me" look, which disgusted me. and she sat opposite of me.

ya, i know i m very bitchy now. but i really dont like her. the whole pot luck idea was actually between Ms Gan, Ade, CM, 5cm, Finger & I. then things got out of hand coz Ms Know it All heard it and demanded to join in. Then she ask me to ask the bosses since we are using the office. Fine. then she call Ms PA and the rest is history. Why la ppl like to hijack the plan one?

Anyway, not enough rice. Luckily 5cm brought 2 loaves of bread (i dunno why also) and ended up half of us ate bread with the lauk..... and we teased Finger endlessly. :D

5cm pretend to merajuk the whole day (coz he ate bread when he is a rice bucket) and whenever Finger ask us to do something or even send emails to us, 5cm will retort saying that he is too hungry to do anything! :P

The best part was, Ms Gan actually called Finger yesterday to confirm that he will bring sufficient rice and he dengan stuck up-nya asked her: "Why you ask so much? I will bring la!!"

Then see see really not enough rice and we are still teasing him endlessly :D

He kind of merajuk alre la... coz next monday he refused to bring rice... whahahahahahahahaah

So far next monday's menu:

5cm - Fuyong Egg
Ms PA - Tungku chicken feet (but we told her dont bring so much chicken feet coz not many of us eat also)
Ms Know it All - Soup
CM - Canned food

The rest of us havent thought of what to cook yet...... :D Am thinking of cooking my ikan bilis.... see how la.. :D

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