Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A little any named John - again

So i was thinking about him this morning and i was pretty sure i saved his numbers somewhere. I looked and it wasn't there. Apparently i deleted it sometime ago when i decided to burn bridges. Stupid me. I didn't have a chance to kick myself over that stupidity coz we were all summoned into boss's office to get kicked in the butt. Then i got really busy clearing my work only to be interrupted by lunch and after lunch a long ass meeting with the lady boss. After that, continue to be busy until about an hour ago. Yes, i left office an hour ago! On the way back, john decided to creep into my mind again. I guess my mind gets really vulnerable when i m exhausted. At this point of time, i seriously miss him a lot. Like really a lot, a lot. I keep on replaying 16 Nov 2003 in my head. I remember how much we laughed and teased each other and the silly things we did at dataran merdeka. Like playing tag half heartedly so that we have a chance to give in to each other's requests (took turn tagging and once we caught the other party, we get to request the other party to do what we want. Including answering questions truthfully :-)) i remember asking him why the fuck did he do what he did to me at the cafe in sunway, he asked me if i really do love him (i told him i don't know. Coz i was really stupid then. I really didn't know if it was love or just a mere crush - in retrospect, i think it's just a crush), he asked if he could hold my hand. Yes! It was that sweet ok? Macam those sweet teenage love like that! :-) anyway, after that night i think we did went out again a few weeks later with Ifer to share a coupla of joints while cruising in his car. He brought us to chow kit to look at pros :-p first time for me :-) but after that, he went crazy all over again. Guess the ice made him super paranoid over stuffs... Fuck! I ter-sleep whilst typing. Gonna stop now. Conclusion is, i miss him and wonder if our path will ever crossed again? Good night.

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