Monday, February 21, 2011

bloody politician in the office. twisting and turning her words but quite the stupid and lazy also. never bother to do research how to cover up her own lies. ended up kena bite back in return. *smugs*

i m still quite the pissed also la. so damn bloody hard to psyched myself up that it's gonna be a great day today. and not even half way thru the day, she come and do this stunt. wait. u wait. i will get even. that's a scorpio promising you ;) patience is after all a virtue ma :D

yes, i can be ultra bitchy when i want to. most of the time i couldnt be bothered to be bitchy and vindictive coz it takes too much time and effort to plan. but now that she has attacked a couple of times, i need to start planning something as a defence. my strategy is pretty simple, gather all the cold hard facts / evidence, keep it and when she attacks again, i will use these information to attack back. i will not attack buta buta one la.... think got so much time meh? pee also no time. not like that politician bitch.

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