Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Legs ache.

We've explored the whole mid valley 3 times yesterday and the whole pyramid 4 times today! :-) i think i've reached my quota for shopping for the next few months! :-) not for buying stuffs, but for walking! -.-' she bought a lot of lovely stuffs. 7 pairs of shoes! Lol! And bought a cheongsam top! And a kebaya top! I guess when you've stayed in ang moh countries so many years, you'll learn to appreciate our local cultural stuffs more ;-) we also eat damn alot wei! All local food. But too bad, she haven't have the kuih muih she wanted! But she had her putu mayam today! :-) tomorrow will be the last day for her to cram more food! So i guess i will try going to the morning market and see if i can get the things she want or not! ;-) oh, oh! We also met up with a few of our ex classmates yesterday! Namely anwar, abid, bob and zahreen! And we've realized something, the guys are all same height and stopped growly after form 5, where as she has shot up like mad! Me? I m still as short as ever la ;-) ok. Need to stop now. Fucking sleepy. Eyes cannot open alre


  1. wow... sounds good :) how's zarin?

  2. Zahreen is good :D he changed a lot tho... last time he is really quiet and dont talk much. Now he talks more! :D