Saturday, January 1, 2011


So far so good! The 1st game of gin rummy after the clock strikes midnight, i gamed :-) i was losing every round before that :-) anyway, won a grand total of 40sens after playing about 10 rounds :-) ya, we bet damn small :-) going to the taiwanese fair later in conjunction to their 100yrs independence! And i wanna buy stinky tofu! It's so stinky and taste like shit but it's so good (that sounds so wrong ;-)). After that, planning to send murphy for a bath and then come home to rest coz my childhood bestfriend, Ms Windy will be in town till wednesday! Yay! I've haven't seen her for at 7yrs alre! Can't wait to hang out with her! So much to catch up! So many place to go! So much to eat! :-) the following weekend, i'll be going back to kluang for kong2's birthday! And i m so looking forward to it! Most of the karchengs will be back and it's gonna be great catching up with them! And i'll get to play with my darling nieces and nephews! So ya, this is gonna be a great year ;-) *quoting 3 Idiots* aal iz wel (u all must get the dvd la! It's the best hindi movie ever! :-))

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