Thursday, July 22, 2010

silly slow cow

i m slow in my head most of the time. for a few mths, i suspected my friend and his wife (whom i've met a coupla times) has journeyed to splitsville. then a coupla weeks back, when i was stalking on blogs, i noticed one of my friends actually know the wife. and i also didnt put much thoughts on it. then last nite, whilst getting ready to sleep, a huge lightbulb suddenly appear on my head. dunno how come everything suddenly pieced together.

i remember few mths back my friend blogged about relationships that has gone awry.

i suspected my friends has split.

my friend knows one of them.


could it be the same thing?

so i stalked on FB and true enough, the couple is no longer friends with each other. the guy is being flanked by this 'hu li jing' looking lady in most pictures and some of the older pictures shows that the wife (ex) and that 'hu li jing' are actually friends! the wife's (ex) FB is conspicuously devoid of any of his pic.

then i was going thru my theory to LM. and i told her i m damn curious. but hor, if i call my friend to verify, it will look like i m damn kaypoh (which i am la.... no la, i m just very curious).

then i started to brew more theories and stories in my head until damn dramatic. and i cannot take it anymore, so i called my friend to verify. and ya, my theory is true. which makes me damn upset la... coz i feel that the guy is pretty assholey lor....

then after fuming and bitching and telling my friend how upset i was, i immediately realized how stupid it is. it's water under the bridge =.=" the wife (ex) also moved on and my upset-ness is really unnecessary and silly and too late =.=" ya, i m chi toon =.="

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