Friday, April 2, 2010

13days more to my vacation... 13 long days more.

this week has been the longest week ever. on tuesday i thought it was thursday and i got happy for awhile coz i thought i only need to work 2 more days... then mana tau.... =.="

anyway, as i mentioned over twitter, i have a super stressed week. dont know why so many issues crops up that needs my immediate attention nao... like NAO nao!

i forgotten which day was it, the phone ring nonstop. after i hung up on the customer, i didnt have a chance to action on it, the phone will ring again until at the end of the day, eventho i've been fucking busy, i didnt get much job done =.="

then subsequently, i got even more busy. dont ask me how is it possible. all i know is i was dead exhausted everytime i leave office.

the the last straw was, in the midst of my busy-ness, the Assistant Finance Manager aka my ex-goodfriend aka Ms AFM started to act all bitchy. she intercommed me one fine afternoon and say: Big Cow, i WANT you to do invoice for me. i dont have time

yes, she DEMANDED and not even asking in a nice way. she is not even asking me to help her. she WANT me to do it for her.

so i replied: i also no time. i got a lot of things to do

and she has the cheek to say: then stay back and do invoice for me

which makes me even more tulan. harlow?? bosses also dont ask me to stay back and do their tasks leh... furthermore, i've been staying back almost daily to rush finish my work! what?? you want me to camp in office issit???

so i told her: see how. no promises.

then she say: you have to

then i angry until dont wanna talk and hung up on her

and i was so mad, i started to bitch about her to Mr. S, Finger and Ms Know it All. they all ask me not to do it. i memang dont have the intention to do it.

why i so bad dont wanna help her? i can tell you why:

1. coz i tulan she demanded me to do her work.
2. the last time when i did help her was when she dont have a single assistant. now she has 2 fulltime and 1 temp staff. not enough ah??? why demand me to do it??
3. coz she is not sharing her salary with me, so why share her work with me?
4. coz no bonus and increment. work so hard for wat??

so anyway, drama belum habis lagi. the next thing i know, whilst i was still fucking busy clearing my work, Mr. S told me Ms AFM balik alre. at 6.45pm. wah..... ask me to stay back and do her work and she has the fucking cheek to go back early?????

you say tulan or not????

so i was tulan-ing and suddenly Ms. Know it All msn-ed me to tell me Ms. AFM balik alre. adding fuel to the already fucking burning hot fire.

what did i do next? nothing lor. really nothing. as in, i drop all my work and pack my stuffs and go home. tulan max until cannot concentrate.

then the next day, i went out for half a day to meet a very extremely angry client. no thanks to Mr. S la. so pujuk for few hours.

when i came back to the office. omfg, the job file is like mountain high. so i pulled up my sleeves and dived into the work. then Ms. AFM must la come kacau me. keep on intercomming me to change some stuffs in the system. not urgent one. so i told her to compile a list, i will do it when i m free. but nooooooooooooo she wants to irritate me to max by calling me every single fucking time she saw things that needs to be changed. which ignite the whole tulan-ness i had for her.

i hung up on her and remove the telephone receiver from the phone. and turn off the handphone for a few hours.

the last nite, lady boss ask me, why so tulan these few days. and i told her the whole story lor. thank god she also agree with me that i shouldnt be doing her job. so yea, got boss to back me up.

anyway, i had a very disturbing dream this morning and woke up sobbing. i dreamt that the guys (Big Boss, Finance Manager, Finger and Mr. S) played a fucking childish prank on me and i started to wail in angriness and the wail became a sob when i woke up :(

13days more to my vacation... 13 long days more.

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