Saturday, March 13, 2010

what do you expect me to do????

have you ever experience this feeling when you are driving on the road? anyway, 3 incidents happened recently and minger suggested that i document it down on my blog :D

incident #1

i was minding my own business driving up, no, more like climbing, the bridge that link USJ to Subang Airport (yes, that TALL bridge) on a slow lane. you see, i m merely driving a small little 660 kancil, Murphy. And i know Murphy do not have the power to go up the bridge so i drove at the slow lane. It was pretty late and the traffic was pretty smooth. There wasnt any car on the fast lane. Anyway, suddenly there's this Rapid KL bus drove up behind me and starting to flash at me. WHAT DO YOU EXPECT ME TO DO??? i m in the fucking slow lane leh!! what? you want me to drive off the bridge ah? Why can't u over take me at the fast lane??? so i ignore the bus and continue to slowly climb up the bridge. The bus driver flash another time. i mah fed up and put a signal indication to the left (my papa taught me last time if driving in trunk road and want the car behind me to overtake me, just signal to the left). and sure enough, the bus overtook me, but as he was overtaking me, he honked damn long and glared at me. like seriously, asshole, WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU EXPECT ME TO DO????

incident #2

just now as i was driving out for a super late breakfast/lunch and super early dinner, i needed to use the tunnel that link my area to LDP. For those of you who are familiar with my area, the tunnel recently has become 1 way, outbound to LDP. So i was minding my own business and suddenly i saw this car from a far using the tunnel illegally to come in. So i need to stop and let the car pass thru, if not, it will be a stand still coz the tunnel is pretty narrow. and stopped i did. and the car behind me started to honked at me. WHAT DO YOU EXPECT ME TO DO??? what? go ahead and have a head on collision with the on coming car issit??? so i ignored the car behind me and patiently waiting for the illegal car to go pass the tunnel. that driver also one kind one, she dah la drove illegally against traffic causing a mini jam (i checked the rear view mirror and saw at least 6 cars were behind me), she can still dengan tak tau malu-nya drive slowly and act all nonchalant and can still joke with her son! then the car behind me continue to honked and flashed at me. seriously, WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU EXPECT ME TO DO, wei??

incident #3

so just now, after dinner at Ming Tien, Taman Megah, i was at the traffic light waiting for the lights to turn green. And this auntie driver behind me started to flash at me. i know, my tail/brake light one side burn alre and i havent go and change the light yet. so anyway, she flashed a few times. so minger turn around to look at her. but the auntie just buat duh only. i mean seriously, what do you expect me to do?? stop my car and come down and check my car in the middle of the road??? and the auntie continue to flash some more. it was getting seriously fucking irritating. minger kept on turning back to look at the auntie and the auntie continue to buat duh. wtf is wrong with her wei??

so, have you all have such WHAT DO YOU EXPECT ME TO DO??? incident on the road? care to share? :D

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  1. There's this traffic light that everyone ignores (except me) when it goes red. So every time I stopped the car when it goes red, the cars behind me would honk non-stop or they would just overtake/bypass my car and proceed to continue their journey as though the light is green.

    What to do? There are so many impatient people around. Just ignore them la.