Tuesday, March 9, 2010

the politics in the office is getting bad again. this time from someone totally unexpected. but she is pretty dumb, so it's still a lil bearable, but still infuriating.

it all started with Mr. S lax in giving me the job order to complete before handing over to finance. Mr. S is FOREVER late in giving us the job order. coz he hates paper works. every time we bug him to sit down and do the paperwork, he will answer the phone.

ANYWAY, finance sent a report on the 5th March telling the bosses that we have 120+++ pending cases from 1st Feb to 5th March. which made the bosses jump. which makes me fucking pissed. why? coz:

1. 1st-5th March's pending is totalling at 100+ and it should NOT be accountable as we have 1 week's leeway to gather the job.
2. Worst, 5th March's pending CANNOT be taken into account coz the fucking job is still fucking running, how can it consider as 'pending'????

So anyway, her report makes us look so damn fucking bad, that boss jumped and sent an email to us scolding us. we did our best to clear. and clear we did. we cleared about 40+ jobs. BUT each day, we have fresh 25 jobs in the 'pending' list.

Then yesterday, boss sent another email jumping asking how come we still have 112++ pending. and i got damn fucking mang chang alre. told boss the statistic. February's job only left a few more. and the rest are March's which we are trying our best to clear. then boss sent my email to Finance to verify. and the fucking bitch replied the email (knowing very well boss will not investigate himself - he will just take our words for it) saying that her report stand correct. current pending is 90.

Boss, jumped another round. and i got fucking pissed and point out in point form again. telling him, February pending only a few, less than 15. The rest are March and March's cannot be accountable because of the reasons stated above. Then boss replied, thanks for the clarification. Then lady boss decided to finally be the sane one and told accounts off in a nice way to tell her that her actions will bring unnecessary stress to all.

i choose to believe that the account PURPOSELY did the report that way in a malicious way because she KNOWS damn well that it takes 1 week plus (as agreed in our numerous meetings) to gather the previous week's job. She PURPOSELY put those 'pending' numbers into the report to emphasize how lax we are. but we are not that bad! and the worst thing is, when boss sent email to her to verify, she refuse to budge when it was obvious she is being a bitch here!

anyway, the accounts replied today to lady boss saying that she did no wrong. she attached 2 different files for feb and march in the email. indirectly, she is trying to say that it's boss' fault for not looking at the report before jumping.

here's her misleading email:

Dear Big Boss,

Ok. The report was accurate. I received 41 bookings from Big Cow last Saturday.

Currently remaining 90 pending bookings from 01/02/10 – 05/03/10.

Best Regards,

this is the email from boss jumping.

Guys, there are 90 jobs still pending????!!!!

When I asked all of you this morning, I was given the impression that there were only a few more jobs outstanding. 90 jobs is nothing close to few!!!

I do not want to see this happening month after month

The 3 of you need to sit down & improve on this immediately

Do you know the revenue for these 90 jobs? This is a huge burden on our cash flow

the rest is history.

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