Wednesday, March 31, 2010

oooh.... big boss is gonna ban facebook and a lot of other sites in the office already. he gave the instruction to Finger to set the password.

why suddenly?

No thanks to Ms. PA lor. it's really a very fucking stupid story. It all started with Ms. PA screw up in her job and pushed the blame to Ms. Gan. And Ms. Gan mm kam buan mah emailed Lady Boss and then Ms. PA decided to go for the dramatic mode by making things even more dramatic by shouting and exclaiming out loud that everyone dont work properly becoz they were busy with MSN and Facebook. and to make the matter worst, she went and tell bosses as well. no, she doesnt have a Facebook account. But i m not surprise la... she so stupid, she cannot understand such technology of having friends connect with friends via the internet.

So yea, i suspect more sites will be ban too. but i dont know what. maybe they will ban blogger too.

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