Saturday, March 27, 2010

ong lai!

we have this old man supplier who does... erm.... i think roofing... i m not too sure.. anyway, he has his own pineapple plantation and yesterday he brought a lot of biji over. i brought back 1 biji home...

the top part is not ripe yet but the bottom is pretty ripe alre... what am i gonna do with the unripe pineapples? i've googled a few recipe but damn malas la... =.="

i think the best way is to make jams out of it... at least can tahan lama ma.. :D then i will attempt to bake pineapple tarts when i m free :D

oh... i cant... i dont have a grater nor do i have a blender =.="

i think i should just cook lemak out of it.... if i know how la... =.="

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