Thursday, March 25, 2010

i've got so many things to say. but damn lazy to actually put it in coherent sentences.

went pyramid for Alice in Wonderland with Small Cow and Minger and lo and behold! 1st, bumped into nic and ash whilst walking to makan dinner. then found out that they will be watching the same movie at the same time. then when we masuk the cinema that time, i got a feeling that they will be sitting next to us. and really!

i think pyramid cinema is the place to bump into ppl la... last year when i was watching Time Traveller's Wife with Mr. S and Finger, i bumped into an excolleague sitting right next to me :D then when we came out from the cinema, bumped into Minger and her BF =.="

what are the odds wei! :D

the aircon is dead in the office. i am currently working in a sauna room and i m dying of heat. eh. wait, why am i still in office? ok, bye. i go now. :D

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