Thursday, February 4, 2010

weirdness magnet

I think weird ppl attracts weird ppl. And i think i must be very weird coz weird things always happen to me when i am alone without friends or relatives around me! Wat happened? I was eating satay (again!) at a nearby kopitiam just now and there was 3 losers in front of me telling each other how to send erotic sms-es to girls they know online (=.=") so anyway, after they left alre, the seats were replaced with a couple. So i was minding my own business and enjoying my satay. And suddenly the cucumber dropped on the table before reaching my mouth. So i mah look at it with a shocked face for less than 10 seconds and then suddenly the girl in front of me started laughing and talking to her bf telling him i so cute, drop cucumber alre look at it for so long! And then both of them look at me and laugh!! Why like that?! I was only at my 4th stick of satay so i have to fast fast finish and leave. -.-' how come i always kena these type of weird situation one? Maybe i should start compiling a book la!


so yea... i m gonna start a blog just to compile all these weirdness... i think i have to go look at all my other blog entries in my old blog *looking at Mandrake

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