Monday, January 18, 2010

office drama

where to start ah?

Ms. PA is relatively new in the company. And she is very extremely fake. When the bosses are around, she will stay back till 11 something at night. When the bosses are not around, she will be the 1st one to cabut. ok la, Ms Know It All also practice this. The thing is, Ms PA and Ms Know It All hates each other. Ms Know It All has been eyeing for the Manager post for god knows how long and Ms PA claimed that she aint vying for it, but she is doing all that she can to get the post. really one, you should listen to the way she try to poison Lady Boss by telling her stories.

So anyway, there are only 4 bunches of keys to this office. The ppl that holds the keys originally was, Mr FM, Ms AFM, Ms. Know It All and Mr. S. So anyway, Ms PA has been trying her best to get a set of keys, claiming that she is always early for work and always leaving office late. And Ms. Know It All keep on telling the rest of the key holders not to give her coz she dont trust her.

But Ms. Know It All lose liao la... she went maternity leave and again, Ms. PA lobbied to get a set of keys (honestly speaking, i dont see why she so rakus to have the keys coz it will me more responsibility and it will mean that you need to be the 1st to arrive and last to leave). And Lady Boss instructed Ms.AFM to surrender her keys to Ms. PA last week.

So this morning when i came to work EARLY (yes, must stress the word since it's been ages since i m EARLY), i saw a bunch of colleagues waiting outside. and i was thinking, tiu lor! i need to shit badly wei! so feeling shitty and agitated, i called Ms. AFM, she told me Ms PA is suppose to open the door. So i asked Ms. PA. And straightaway she push the blame to Lady Boss and Finger. Claiming that she left early on Saturday and she gave them her keys. So I told her off, then she should inform Ms AFM ma, so that Ms. AFM can come early to open the door! (Mr FM passed Ms. AFM his keys coz he is on leave). then Ms. PA cannot accept the fact that she got sounded, she told me infront of everyone that she will call Lady Boss to clarify. Then i told her Lady Boss is prolly still sleeping, dont disturb her. But noooooooo she must dramafied the whole thing! (remember that TVB drama Heart of Greed, the 2nd mom always do wrong alre will dramafied the whole issue like she kena 'yuen wong' and always claimed that if she do wrong, the lightning will strike her or some thing like that?? welp, Ms. PA is EXACTLY like that this morning!) here's the conversation between her and Lady Boss (LB) erm... what we hear la:

Ms. PA: LB! where is the keys ah?
Ms. PA: ha? with Finger??
Ms. PA: ohhh.... why didnt you tell me you are coming in late??
(this part a few of us were rolling eyes alre, who the fuck she think she is to dictate Lady Boss when to come in office la???)
Ms. PA: no la, you also didnt tell me you are coming late, wait Finger come, i will scold him
Ms. PA: ya lor, Ms. AFM scolded me lor for not calling her to ask her to come in early.
(this time a few of us !!!! already. harlow??? it was me! not Ms. AFM ok!! and Ms AFM got even more pissed)

she hung up the phone. and i got even more pissed. i told her, the issue is, if she is not opening the door, she should tell the next key holder! and we all know that Finger and LB comes in late, why is she harap-ing on them???

she shuddup and didnt say anything. i think she knows she is stupid. but she boh kam buan wor.... next thing i know, she suddenly screamed on the phone with a customer and slammed down the phone. bitch. stupid bitch.

the whole issue is damn minor. she must la go and major dramafied the whole thing!

she is always like that one lor. everytime she ask us to do something that cannot be done, she will straight away say she will call the bosses. go fucking call la. think i scared ah??? tiu.....

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