Friday, August 14, 2009

major screw up...

... did something really really careless and stupid. quoted wrongly to the customer ended up have to cover the difference of 2k. the company will deduct from my salary. conclusion? next 4 mths eat grass lor... *sienz*

why i sound so tidak apa? no ah. cried habis liao. now pretty numb. le sigh.

Finger's time bomb exploded today as well. G-R-E-A-T. he also have to compensate customer SGD 970. why ah? coz the goods got damaged, actually can do service recovery and no need to compensate one. but this thing happened like a month ago and me and 5cm been bugging Finger what is he planning to do and he kept quiet all the time until snowball until no return.

i think if boss is older, he might suffer a stroke from us. i m truly remorseful leh. just feeling numb now. really one. already got conclusion liao, memang gonna deduct my salary, i memang learned my lesson liao, so yea, like that lor.

oh yea, bad things comes in 3 mah.... the final screw up of coz by 5cm la :D

yea, there are only 3 of us here in CR and all 3 of us screw up so big, i really wish to just submit my resignation to boss there and then. too ashamed to work here alre la.

ok, i m not making much sense. better stop here now.


  1. Sorry to hear about your bad luck... haiz... sad nya...!

  2. thanks :) i m ok alre... sad also screw up alre, not sad also screw up alre. life goes on :D

  3. so are u still working there or really kena goreng already?

  4. no la... :D still working here... just need to work harder and smarter to gain back bosses' trust :D