Friday, July 17, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (movie)

went to watch it with Asst Finance Manager (AFM) last nite at MV. Free tix from Digi :D

MF alre forewarned me that looking for parking in MV will be a nightmare coz it's JCard day. So dengan rakus-nya, AFM and i decided to park our car in Subang and hop on the Komuter to MV. We felt sooooooo smart when we came up with the idea and marvel at the fact that we saved soooo much by using the Komuter (ladida). Then when we sampai KL Sentral, dengan suaku-nya (the last time i took the Komuter was like 8 yrs ago, and the last time i took the public transport was like 5yrs ago :D) we were finding our ways to the other platform to change train. and happily queued up for the train coz the display showed that the next train will be arriving the station in 2 mins! happiness! then suddenly *annoying jingle chimed* and the stupid @@#@$##@$#$#%^ announcer informed that the train has been cancelled and that the next train to arrive the station will be in 20 fucking minutes! niama. no funny. at all. so AFM and i looked at each other. *wide eyed, blinking* how?? we then decided, the next best idea will be hop on the cab to MV since it's quite near ma, it shouldnt be too expensive, right?? WRONG! it cost us RM8! plus the Komuter tix for both of us, it's as if like we are paying for the FREE movie tix! :P

*warning! spoiler ahead!*

anyway, got really good seats from DiGi :D thanks ah... the movie. :D it was good. but hor, this time round, they took out a lot of stuffs from the book. meaning to say, if you all never read the book before, or if you all never watch the 1st 5 movies before, go read or watch them 1st :D AFM did the annoying stunt by asking me during the movie to explain to her. but since she is so cute, i just entertained her la. and also coz.... I AM GONNA WATCH IT AGAIN TONITE!!! wakakakkakakakaakaka. the thing is, i memang expected this episode to be sad, depressing even, la. Coz Dumbledore will be killed. But still when i watched it, i couldnt stop feeling sad and depressed and shed some tears :( it's really a waste that he has to go this way lor. Also, they didnt show why Snape call himself the Half Blood Prince, they also didnt really focus much on the Half Blood Prince so it kinda defeats the purpose of the movie and the title, no? :D or why Snape dislike Harry Potter sooooo much. it's a waste. Read the book la :D Which reminds me, i need to bug Minger to lend me the whole collection la. wanna re-read them again :D

Conclusion: read the book. :D

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