Friday, June 19, 2009

the stalker story....

.... just in case you are wondering what the fuck was small cow talking about in the previous post, welp, it's a private joke between her and me. and i will try to explain it over here, but i doubt it will be as funny as what we were doing last nite :P

so small cow and i went to the curve last nite coz she wanted to get some stuffs. we ended up going to Senjyu Sushi for dinner. we ate too full. and usually when we were too full, oxygen travel less up our heads and makes us giggly and even more silly than usual....

anyway, Senjyu has a whole wall filled with empty green bottles for decoration purposes (see above, small cow took a pix before).... and this is what happened:

Big Cow (being too full and silly): what will happen if i ter-tripped and bang on the wall and all the bottles crashed down?
Small Cow (giggling): fuyoo... then i dont know you, man. dont come so close to me, i dont know you!
Big Cow (giggling more): but i know you! you are michelle TTT :P
Small Cow (with big dramatic eyes): YOU STALKER YOU! STAY AWAY FROM ME! *giggles*
Big Cow:.....
Big Cow: hahahahahahahahahaahahhaahahahahahahahahahahaha

yea... that's the whole story of the stalker story... :P

we seriously laughed damn alot wei. at one point....

Small Cow: how come we are so full of bullshit ah?
Big Cow: becoz we are cows????
Small Cow:.......
Big Cow: *huge grins*
Small Cow:.....
Big Cow: *huge grins*
Small Cow: ok. so we are full of shit!

*bull = cow ? geddit? :P

there are a few more funny incidents... but i cannot remember liao.... anyway, we almost went to Neway to sing karaoke at 11pm last nite... but cannot la.... i memang dah dam tired alre.... :P

oh oh..... something stupid happened at work yesterday:

as usual, Finger always try his level best to get on my nerves daily. but yesterday i was in a very good mood so he tried doubly hard. when it reach to a point where i finally begining to get annoyed, i ter say out too loudly:

Big Cow: Finger! you better shut up now if you dont want me to sit and roll on you ah!!!!!

*whole office silence, except for phone ringing which no one seems to be picking up*

one second or two later.....

the whole office burst into laughter.....


so yea, now everyone is teasing me about rolling and sitting on ppl.... =.="

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