Thursday, May 28, 2009


i think small cow is gonna bleed soon. our timing really off nowadays. 1st i was pms-ing, now her turn..... how to play like that?

it's bak zhang festival today. and i've got 3 bak zhangs for lunch! 3! that's fucking a lot! :D and i am so damn happy! :D i love bak zhang alot! :D but i think Big Boss wont let us eat here... coz apparently this is a halal office.... hmmmmm.......


burpz.... the bak zhang is goooooooddd :P we all holed up in the accounts room to eat, like some kinda fugitive. :P

oh oh.... i forgotten to bitch about what happened last night right before i left the office. what happened was, i was one of the last 3 to leave the office. the other 2 were Mr. S and Ms PA. Ms PA just join us less than a month ago and already she is starting to attract disdain from others :P anyway, here's the conversation:

Me: PA! still dont wanna go back ah??
PA: dont know... still got things to do...
Me: Wah... what's with this seating position? seems like whoever who sits here sure stay back in office one *joking tone*
PA: *serious tone* really?
Me: joking la. last time Flower also sit here and stayed back late mah
PA: *gossipy tone* you know what happened to Flower?
Me: dont know. maybe she has her own reasons (refering to the sudden departure of Flower)
PA: *gossipy tone* you know, according to Lady Boss, she was let go because she is not up to their expectation
Me: issit? dunno la. dont care. she alre left alre mah
PA: *gossipy tone* honestly speaking la, what do you think of Big Boss and Lady Boss?
Me: oh! they are great bosses!
PA: really meh? their expectation so high! Flower's job not bad what, how come let her go?
Me: i dont know. i dont deal with Flower that much. Anyway, all bosses got high expectations of their staffs one mah... they pay us this much of money, they will expect this much from us what. not only this company. other company also like that
PA: eeyer... you really think they are good?

the rest of the conversation entails in me telling her to be positive and all that crap. seriously speaking, i m not comfortable with that whole conversation at all. where got colleague ask another colleague if they like the boss one? i think she is creating politics la....

then today whilst eating bak zhang in the accounts room, Ms Know it All started another round of politic. there were only 4 of us, Ms Asst. Finance Manager, Ms Know it All, Ms Gan and me. Ms Gan and i are almost similar, dont really mix with them so much, we usually dont go makan lunch with them one la... so anyway, suddenly Ms Know it All in gossipy tone, asked Ms Gan, "Ms Gan, ask you something ah.."

Ms Gan: ha? what? *blur look*
Ms Know it All: i heard from Ms I survived Cancer that Big Boss told you that he dont like Ms PA
Me, Ms Gan & Ms Asst. Finance Manager: HAR??
Ms Gan: that's impossible, i dont talk to Big Boss at all
Me: yea, logically speaking, he being a boss, he will not say this kind of things about one staff to another staff la
Ms Asst. Finance Manager: ya lor... impossible la!
Ms Know it All: that's why, i also think it's not possible.

then everyone kept quiet alre. right after Ms Know it All left the room, we 3 started to talk and discussed that it's so norm to have these kinda weird gossips going on when a group of females working together!

anyway i told them dont get me involve, i dont wanna say or comment anything at all.


nia ma... dunno wat's wrong with today.... damn fucking busy. even more busy than yesterday.

btw, it's the 7th day today..... yea.. the pathetic me is still counting :(


i m mentally exhausted. so much to do!

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