Thursday, April 2, 2009

stupidity? carelessness? tidak apa attitude?

Finger, i dont know what he is. What has he done this time? Welp, you see, we need to transfer $$ to our agent to pay for duties when the cargoes have duties. Since Lady Boss and Big Boss is not around, they pass him 100k cash to do the transferring la.... then last nite, he damn smart, transfer 31k to the agent. and since atm is only allow to transfer 5k perday, he used a few methods to transfer (maybank 2u, atm transfer & cash deposit). all these sound still perfectly logical. but this morning our agent called, demanding for money and one thing led to another, the quarreled only to find out that he FUCKING BANK IN TO THE WRONG ACCOUNT NUMBER!!!!

i m very sure you, readers out there, who are so damn logical will have these questions in your head:

1. How come he didnt check the name, if it's correct or not
- Ah.. my dear logically readers, that, he did. he did checked the names, and he did saw the name is different from the one that he is suppose to transfer to, and he transferred instead. His logic, maybe the person has a joint account with this person. so he just transferred

2. How come he didnt call the agent to verify before transferred??
- His reply, what time already oh? so late, call for what?

Tell me now, is he plain stupid? or careless? or really tidak apa just coz his dad is rich?

i m just so damn fucking sick and tired of his bloody attitude la!


  1. i know not my fault. but the trend here is, one person fuck up, everyone have to bear the consequences at all. i m so not ready to bear! 31 fucking K leh!