Monday, April 6, 2009

Project 365 - Days 6 & 7

4th April 2009 - Day 6
Garlic flavored watermelon :P. Went to this Japanese Restaurant near my place for dinner with MF. This watermelon comes with the set meal i ordered. As i was too full to eat it, MF nipped on it (i didnt even notice). So we were talking and talking and laughing... and then suddenly he went: "Why dont you take a bite?" pointing at the melons. I told him dont want, too full, he can have it. And he told me he took a few alre. And i was: ha?? since when? how come i dont know one?? so anyway, he keep on trying to get me to eat it, making me damn suspicious la. and i told him dont want, sure got something wrong with it one... then he said, try it and see la... so i took the toothpick, poked it, took a small little bite on it, and spat out. GARLIC FLAVORED WATERMELON! which makes (trying very hard to keep a straight face) him said: hmm... just as i thought. and then he suddenly burst into non stop laughter and me looking at him like he is some kinda idiot which makes him laugh even more. Thanks a lot MF =.="

5th April 2009 - Day 7
This is the book that i m currently reading. MF pinjam me one... read this during my waking hours yesterday together with Dirty Dancing playing on tv. :P didnt do much at all. woke up a few times, slept with a lot of weird dreams about MF. i think i sms-ed a few people in between my sleep, and also talked to a few people, but i dont quite remember whom did i spoke to or what did i say. Mr S was one of the person i spoke to and he laughed at me just now about the stuffs i said. i dont remember at all =.=" but i remember sms-ing MF la :P so anyway, when i finally woke up for good, i went to the mechanic to service my car. only to found out.... it needed to be overhaul :( yea... sad. Total damage including fixing the aircon and dashboard is RM2000. Anyone wanna donate money to me? i m so damn fucking seriously broke now :(

so yea, that's all for my project 365 post.

Now, as you all might have seen, the previous entry in cow language? welp, i was damn fucking surprised and speechless. :P you see, i was surfing via my phone last nite and i decided to check out my blog la... and then suddenly my phone screen was filled with Moooo moo moooo mooooo mooooo and i went: wtf?? thanks ah, small cow :P so i called her and she burst in to laughter..... what a nice surprise ;)

wokie la... cannot blog too much. gotta get back to work alre.

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