Friday, April 3, 2009

Project 365 - Day 4

so yea, i needed this. LM helped me buy since she is working in MV. So anyway, as you all can guess, i wasnt really in the mood after the realization dawned upon me that i MIGHT be pregnant. it all started something like this:

Big Cow: Either i am seriously having a bad PMS or i m actually pregnant!
Small Cow: what? you fucked someone 2-3 months back?
Big Cow:.....
Big Cow: shit!
Big Cow: omg!
Small Cow: whooooooooooooooooo?

Ignoring Small Cow a bit, i started flipping my calendar to see when was the last time i had my period... January 20. Well, i'll be damned! Then i started to go thru this blog to see when did i had sex-es. (p/s dont bother reading thru archive, you wont find it there... i dont blog about it, but i remember which day what happened how it happened based on the stuffs that i blogged about la) and yea, i did have UNPROTECTED sex sometime in February... omg... so not funny...

so anyway, the 2-3 hrs since the realization that i might be pregnant passed painfully slow in the office. went home, the time waiting for LM to come back with the kit passed painfully slow.... the dinner we had, altho yummy, passed painfully slow. when i reach home.... knn... no pee, cannot test. so have to glug down 2 bottles of water. the wait for the pee to come, passed painfully slow. once peed, the 3 minutes wait for the result passed painfully slow......

Yup! it's NEGATIVE!!! w00ts!
edit: lesson learnt. always keep some condoms next to my bed! :D

So yea, sms-ed the suspected father of the child, small cow, minger and LM to tell them: False Alarm! :D

So assuming they will reply my sms, when my phone sms tone chimed, i thought it was one of them la... see see......
Yup, :D MF is back :D with smelly sands from Bali :P will be meeting him soon! :D

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