Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Project 365 - Day 22

Dont mind the graininess of the pix ah.... using hp mah... so anyway, last nite as usual, being a big cow, drama happened. not so bad la. just that my car no more petrol and i didnt have any cash with me. so i needed to go home and take cash. and when i reached home, it was dangerously red and i needed someone to teman me go pump petrol. teman as in someone driving another car behind my car just in case my car really habis petrol before sampai petrol kiosk, i can hop on the other car to buy petrol to feed Murphy* la. so i SOS-ed Small Cow and she came over after work and we went to the nearest petrol kiosk (Subang Airport - coz the one in Ara Damansara chap lap alre). After feeding Murphy* and sending Murphy back, i hopped into Small Cow's car to look for food. We ended up in A&W drive thru at PJ. Bumped into Karen - my disciple in ITT, omg... she look sooooo pregnant! :P so anyway, i walked into A&W first... and the 1st thing i saw was: "Bayar dengan TouchNGo" and i made a u-turn back to Small Cow (i can hear the staff in A&W said: aiks? putar balik pulak???) and excitedly told Small Cow (i suaku ma :P). But alas! We didnt bring our TouchNGo out last nite :P

Significant events that happened yesterday:

1. Dengan dramatic-nya, i needed someone to teman me pump petrol
2. Small Cow dumped me. Yep, last night's meal at A&W was our break up meal - but i just told her in her blog we cant break up coz we werent even officially in a relationship in FB! :P
3. i won a contest writing some really really crappy post! LOL

*Murphy is the name of my car :D

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