Friday, April 10, 2009

i really dont want...

... and shouldn't get involved but hor i really really really really cannot tahan the dumbass's post la... so here's what i am gonna do, for my own entertainment, gonna post her blog here and then reply in RED *sharpening the claws*.

Snake Rat One Pot who is manupulate the whole world. I was being victimized since the day one we known each other. I was so stupid and bad, my fault. - eh dumbass, if it's really as what you said, being victimized since day one, then why the fuck are you so dumb to still stay on with her for so many months??? you ARE really DUMB or are you just plain masochist? but i think you are just fucking dumb la.

  1. From Maybank transfer money to CIMB, is taking more than 12 days. Counting from 28th March.I didn't know this new rules from bank. My fault... - DUMBASS! what she meant was she is using Maybank and since you are using CIMB, she will have to PURPOSELY go to a CIMB branch to bank in the money, which is too much hassle, which takes time la! DUMBASS. i know i know, you wanna argue, can use internet transfer, but why does she need to WASTE extra RM2 just to do that for you? DUMBASS!
  2. 22nd March told me, gonna pass the whole damn thing to her aunt, and her aunt will post it out by poslaju on 23rd March. Malaysia poslaju really lousy er. So the snake rat one pot, I am just expecting what you have promised. Please tell all your supporters the truth. - What? you think Ah Yi is your dog now issit? always on standby issit? Ah Yi no life issit? If Ah Yi no time to do it, how do you expect Small Cow to ask Ah Yi to do? FYI, not everyone is as useless as you, who always laze around nothing to do, people have to work one you know? Somemore lunch time so short, by the time queue up finish, lunch time also over la! but then again hor, you are such a fucking DUMBASS, you wont understand one la!
  3. This is not the first time that I've told you what stuff that I've been expecting. Now I am telling you again, there are all total 4 items, 1, My 2 pcs childhood photos. 2, My Nokia phone. 3, saunabelt & 4, L word season 5. - So? is it Small Cow's fault that she is blur and has selective memory (Dumbass, since i m being generous, lemme teach you new words ah... S-E-L-E-C-T-I-V-E M-E-M-O-RY - it means hor, some memories, can remember very well, some cannot remember. faham tak, DUMBASS??) and cannot remember insignificant things like yours ah? Also, from day 1 u know her, u should already know that she is a blur cow, what?? Oh, wait, i forgotten, you are a DUMBASS, you wouldn't have realized it. DUMBASS!
  4. I didn't see any msg that you replied on msn, as you said, maybe is microsoft fault, and I was using phone to online, maybe bad again. - DUMBASS! not your fault la, it's your phone's fault, DUMBASS! how come you so damn fucking dumb one ah? i think you should just fuck off and die somewhere la. DUMBASS!
All you wanted, is to show all your supporters how pityful you are, you are the victim, how I manupulate you, how I treated you as a dog. - DUMBASS, she never ever tell us she is very kelian can or not? she just tell us her situation, what a dumbass manipulative bitch you are, and we just conclude it ourselves, FYI, we have brains one you know, unlike you, DUMBASS! Sleeping naked is not a big deal - no big deal??? meaning to say, it's no big deal for you if small cow sleeps naked with her ex while pat tor-ing with you?? wow!, which I've told you since the day one we known each other - i remember small cow clearly stated, she thought she can take it, but she can't.And I swear that I have never ever did anything that betray you - you can swear till the cows come home, but how do small cow know for sure??? the mouth is yours, you can say whatever you like, the suspicion is still there what! DUMBASS!. Oh well, I know love is stupid - no, love is NOT stupid, YOU are stupid, DUMBASS!. I was so damn stupid to beleive that, you were trusting me as I was trusting you - ah.. this part, you are so damn right for trusting Small Cow coz she never laku curang when she was with you, but for you, dunno la.. u say you didnt betray her, but your actions doesnt say so wor... My fault again for trusting a wrong person, for letting you ruined my life and made my life so difficult - OMG!!! can you get even more dramatic that this ah??? breaking up with you because you sleeps naked with your EX, ruin your life??? delay-ing in returning the stuffs to you ruin your life?? you did not trust the wrong person! She trusted the wrong person! And who is the one who just say that Small Cow is getting her supporter to pity her?? aren't you doing the same now?? what a DUMBASS you truly are!. Thank you, for giving me this chance for a transform, to be a stronger person now. the credits are all yours, it has nothing to do with Small Cow, DUMBASS!

Wasting my gas and don't know how much cells has been killed since 2 days ago. I better stop laughing now. Sai hei... - A true sign of a DUMBASS

there you go. *phew* i think i can keep my claws back for awhile ;)

that said, as i said before, i really dont want and shouldnt get involved between the Dumbass and Small Cow, but like seriously, she is the most spiteful and dumbest person i've ever known! like harlow? purposely create a blog just so that she can blog about Small Cow and show how pitiful she is in then turn around saying that Small Cow is doing that. tsk tsk tsk, a case of a pot calling a kettle black, no? And can you look at her? SLEEPING NAKED WITH HER EX WHILST SHE IS IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH SMALL COW IS... nothing! NOTHING! N-O-T-H-I-N-G



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