Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Finger... doing it again.

the system is having some problem, when we click save, we have to wait like 10-15mins for the bloody page to reload. so we complained to Finger (he is the IT guy in the company too) and ask him to restart the server. And since the server is running on Linux and his IT knowledge is limited to only Microsoft, he didnt know how to restart. So i told him to call the vendor la. Next thing i know, he announced to us, cannot use the system for next 30mins coz restart takes that long and the vendor is out for lunch. so i asked if vendor is out for lunch, how to restart server??? and he got pissed off and being mang chang at me saying that that's what the vendor say. that makes me fed up coz it proves that he doesnt have an ounce of common sense!!! so i called the vendor, and the vendor vent his frustrations on me. lol! here's the conversation

Big Cow: CJ, can i use the system now? coz Finger says cannot wor.
CJ: ha?? i m out for lunch now, of coz u can use, when i wanna restart the server that time i will call you all to inform.
Big Cow: wokie
CJ: i tell you ah, that Finger ah! he just call me and say: system cannot use, all cannot use! and then i wanna troubleshoot, he just say all cannot use!
Big Cow: ya la, he memang like that one, tak masuk akal one!

*CJ proceed in asking Big Cow to ping the server to get the result*

CJ: see! i just want such simple information and Finger cannot give me!
Big Cow: ok, calm down. go makan and faster go back office and get it done for us, ok?
CJ: *grumbles grumbles*
Big Cow: aiyoh, get used to it, i alre vomit blood daily liao
CJ: *grumbles grumbles*


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